At Edison Power we develop and deliver innovative energy storage solutions – but that description really doesn’t do us justice. Our technologies are set to expand the energy storage industries and other products that rely on energy storage.

Take, for instance, our Graphene Energy Storage Device. Which can be capacitor and or Battery or part battery and part capacitor, this game-changing device offers lightning fast charge times in a safer, more provides a more productive economical solution than lithium-ion batteries, essentially giving a the market a viable new alternative to Lithium Ion.

The applications for this device are endless, and the implications are nothing short of spectacular.

Imagine a smart phone that can charge in 5 minutes and stay charged all day without generating any noticeable amount of heat when you use the battery. Think of an electric car with sports car performance that can drive 500 kilometers on a single in 8 minute charge – with no risk of explosions. Envision a solar powered electricity generator that can generate power during the day and store it until it’s needed at night during high price -demand periods. Edison Power is ready to turn these possibilities into reality from our world-class green energy technology.

Our Anaerobic Digesters are up to 30% more efficient at converting Organic materials to Bio Gas , Edison designs and owns these systems and provides engineering service to re-fit existing facilities. Edison has taken on a build own and operate business model for Anaerobic Digesters and we have four plants currently under development.

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