About Us

At Edison Power our plan is to enhance people’s lives and business with the development and delivery of innovative solutions – but that description really doesn’t do us justice. Our technologies are set to not only reenergize the power industries with a great energy storage system, it is to be an answer other products that rely on energy storage, and our products will reduce our customers carbon footprint.

Take, for instance, our Graphene Energy Storage Device. Which can be capacitor and or Battery or part battery and part capacitor, this game-changing device offers lightning fast charge times in a safer effective manner. It provides a more productive economical solution than other power storage cells like lithium-ion batteries, essentially giving the market a viable new alternative to Lithium Ion batteries.
The applications of our devices are endless, and the implications are nothing short of spectacular and we are sure that our customers will benefit from all of its unique qualities.

Imagine a smartphone, that can charge in 5 minutes and stay charged all day without generating any heat when you put it under heavy use.

Think of an electric car with sports car performance that can drive 800 kilometres on a single in 8 minute charge – with no risk of explosions.

Envision a solar powered electricity generation that can generate power during the day and store it until it’s needed during high price -demand periods. Communitys that have energy systems that support each other through a Internet of Energy. Edison Power is ready to turn these possibilities into reality, we are a world-class green energy company.

Edison’s anaerobic digesters are up to 30% more efficient at converting organic materials into biogas than conventional anaerobic treatment systems. Own systems are custom built and tailored to the waste being treated which increases run ability and efficiency of the system.  Edison designs these systems and provides engineering service to customers.
Edison has also taken a build, own and operate business model for our Anaerobic Digesters business and we have four plants currently under development in North America, the company has sign its first deal in the Caribbean and has just complete its design and engineering for that project. Edison has identified over two hundred opportunities for these systems in just one of its releationships.

Edison has been investing in technologies and non cyclical business opportunities, we are a major shareholder and investor in several Real Estate developments. Our developments are planned to be among most environmentally friendly and advanced communities in the world. Virtually all of Edison’s technology advancements can be deployed in one place. Edison Real Estate projects are entry level and retirement communities, built to provide a high quality, cost effective, low maintenance modern homes for the masses.

To learn more about how Edison Power can transform your products, your industry, and your community, contact us at info@edisonpowercorp.com