Key Facts


Edison Power Company has three distinct technologies:

Graphene EESD – Electric Energy Storage Device – leading the world in Graphene Energy Storage Innovation Graphene Plastics – Plastic technology that saves up to 70% off the manufacturing cost of a plastic and it is not a derivative of petroleum.

Edison Power Company believes in Infrastructure Projects that build a solid foundation to continue to grow its business and technology innovation.

The following are project areas the company is focusing on:

· The Edison Electron One is an Electric Vehicle that will dramatically illustrate the ability of the Company’s energy storage products while and will fill a void in a market with a real solution for energizing the Electric car of today.
· The Company has real-estate asset with enough land to build up 3600 homes in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.
· The Company plans to install its “Always On” Energy Bank in each home it builds along with solar systems.
· These subdivisions will be the most self-sustainable communities Power through what will be a interconnected system we call the “internet of energy” they will be grid and through Solar generation be able to generate profit for their owners. As well the community will have it own Anaerobic Digester facility to convert wastewater from the community and organics to Bio gas for Power and heating as well as fertilizer and irrigation water.